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146E Pok -Wai, San -Tin ,Yuen-Long , Hong Kong



Welcome to Dorfield Limited  Hong Kong's lumber and plywood products trading company

We are specialized in lumber and plywood trading. Including construction timber, pine wood and china fir from the United State and Canada , plywood from Canada  , China and Southeast Asia and various timber and plywood.

We also have wood recycling service. Please call +852-24711159 or email with offers.

Our address is: Pok Wai 146 E, San Tin, Yuen Long, New Territories, Hong Kong
Our phone no, is: +852-24711159
Our fax no. is: +852-24711026

Plywod from well-known manufactures in various countries.

We have various size of china fir from the United State and Canada.

We have concrete moldboard's accessories in trade.


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